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What is Shopify?

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a complete, fully hosted, ecommerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders — all with a few clicks of the mouse.
The key being that it is fully hosted! No more stressful hosting management, backups, security risks, cpanel knowledge...etc. This is built with the business owner in mind, you just do what you do best... Run the business!

Why should I use Shopify over other cart options?

  • Shopify is a fully hosted Ecommerce solution.

This means that everything is fully hosted for you, all monthly updates, security control, backups.. Everything you would normally have to do when purchasing hosting and managing your own store is all taken care of! You just run the business side of things

  • State of the art security.

Now days, hacking is more and more common. Let the proffessionals handle all of your security concerns for you. Shopify is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure credit card data is secure.

  • Experience!

Shopify hosts over 600,000 successful stores and growing! With a massive library of easy to add custom apps to enrich your store and state of the art design templates. Shopify is constantly improving its features so business owners can worry about their business and not the confusing website technical details.

  • Apps.

Shopify has a vast library of applications that can be added to your stores functionality at anytime. These apps are built to help improve your marketing, sales, social media, shipping, inventory, customer service, accounting, and business reporting.

  • Built in functionality.

Shopify comes with a load of built in functions! From a built in blog (no more running multiple sites) matched to your store, auto responders for abandoned carts, instant sale notifications that can even text you and your staff, gift card feature, full in depth sales reports, tracking analytics, and an easy to use admin panel for running your store plus much more!

  • Proudly Canadian!

Just like myself, Shopify is proudly Canadian! Which also means you are getting Canadian support when needed!
Tired of calling a service provider just to be talking to someone overseas?... Shopify support is also proudly Canadian.


I have tried and tested a few different platforms and shopify continues to come out on top! With experience running my own online business, the best part of the day is knowing that the website is taken care of for me. Besides the business side of things, customer support, adding products and fulfilling orders, the technical side is all looked after behind the scenes. That leaves more time for me to run my business which makes a better chance to be more successful in this very competitive online world!

There is no need to signup yet, I can setup and start your store for you so you don't have to pay any monthly bills until we are ready to launch, but if you are eager to peak at shopify before hand, check it out below.

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