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About Me - Logan

My name is Logan Lacombe and I have been working with Shopify successfully for my own personal businesses, as well as building Ecommerce Shopify stores for friends, family and clients from around the world since 2011. From 2011 to 2014 I was able to build a very successful ecommerce pet business with Shopify, until we successfully sold our first business! From there I have successfully built and sold multiple businesses and have helped clients around the world thrive online!

Shopify and Ecommerce have become such a part of my daily life that I decided to start professionally providing online store design and setup services for future entrepreneurs full time. I am now working with multiple business ventures that need to get their products online to meet with the demand of the continued rise in online sales.

I do all the work myself, so you deal with me directly to ensure your needs are fully fulfilled with the absolute best communication throughout the process. I can setup and customize your store pretty much anyway you may need it! And with my past business experience, you are not just getting a basic website, you are getting a turnkey business that sets you up for success!

I am a certified Shopify Expert!
You can see some of my recent reviews here: Shopify Expert

Oh, and my wife is always on standby when a site needs some feminine input ;)

Besides myself and my wife, I have 2 other co-workers...


Domo is our first rescue dog, he is a Jack Russell terrier that is too smart for his own good. He is usually working security during the day at the office.


Corona is our second rescue dog, a Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound cross. She has a very important administrative position which includes a very important task... Snuggling! She is a big stress reliever at the office ;)

On occasion we are also in the midst of fostering new dogs that add to the office team, the downside is all the employee turnover when they get adopted ;)

We are also proud philanthropists.
With our past pet business we always work towards supporting pet rescues with donated items, time and money. We are also a foster home for dogs needing to find their permanent homes and families. Every bit counts, please consider adopting if you are looking for a pet for the family.


~ Logan Lacombe (yes, that's me rocking the sweet overalls with no shirt look!)
Victoria, BC. Proudly Canadian!

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